We can help you to resolve your conflicts

What if…

An ongoing dispute with a client or a supplier is hurting your business

Difficult people in the office who drive you and your team to despair

Unresolved issues between staffs and colleagues undermine teamwork

A manager or colleague bullies staff or Has an unacceptable management style

There are allegations of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour in your workplace

There is tension and grumbling that you cannot identify and resolve?

Workplace conflict is costly…

It costs you time and money –  and peace of mind

It one of the main causes of workplace stress, low morale, absenteeism and staff turnover

Productivity and profit may suffer

The causes can be difficult to identify and eradicate

Sometimes, problems are well-known but appear insoluble

What can you do? 

Learn how to identify and resolve disagreements before they become open conflicts that damage to your business

Develop skills for managing difficult clients or colleagues so that relationships are harmonious and productive

Design in-house procedures for your business to ensure that cases of alleged bullying or harassment are handled swiftly, firmly and fairly, avoiding or mitigating costly legal liability

How can we help you?

We can assist you in identifying the causes of conflicts

We can advise you on how you can resolve conflict in a manner that is fair and acceptable to all involved

We can assist you in implementing your in-house grievance procedures

We can work with all parties to resolve conflicts through Mediation

What is Mediation?

A skilled mediator acts as an impartial third party to identify the causes of conflict and resolve them by agreement

Mediation is voluntary, confidential, and comparatively inexpensive

The mediation environment facilitates an open and honest dialogue where people actively listen to each other and attempt to understand each other

Mediation is an effective means of reaching agreements between people in conflict without the need for expensive and protracted court proceedings

The parties always make all of the decisions the mediator does not make them for you

Mediation can often help repair damaged relationships between staff within a workplace and can be equally helpful in restoring damaged business relationships

Mediation can resolve issues between your business and its clients or suppliers when negotiations have failed to secure a satisfactory outcome

Paul Hemphill and John Rosley , 2016

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We are located in the Coffs Harbour region, but will travel to all locations between Kempsey, Grafton and Armidale

Mediators don’t work nine to five. We will accommodate our clients’ needs and diaries, including offering appointments on weekends and public holidays

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