About Me

Paul Hemphill is a British-born mediator, accountant, songwriter, poet, and blogger.

An accountant by profession, he has been a manager, mentor and mediator. A long-time resident of Sydney, he is now living with his wife, Adele, in the middle of the forest in northern New South Wales.

His other interests include music, poetry, politics and history. He has had a lifelong passion for the history, politics and people of the Middle East. Over the years, through study and travel, he has acquired a working knowledge of standard and colloquial Arabic.

Currently, he uses his skills and interests as a volunteer helping the Humanitarian Settlement Service help refugees to settle in the Coffs Harbour region

As a mediator and mentor, Paul brings many diverse skills to the table.

  • an accredited Mediator, having managed conflict situations at all organizational levels (LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers)
  • an experienced accountant and manager with strong technical, communication, and people skills
  • a long-time CPA, with project management, change management, training and mentoring experience.
  • a lifetime of academic study and of employment in many organizations, at many levels
  • have worked with, trained, supervised and mentored young people, including many from different cultures
  • experienced in public speaking, and as a musician, in public performance
  • lived in city and country, and has traveled extensively (particularly the Middle East – with a working knowledge of Arabic, both colloquial and standard)


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